New York Giants’ Logan Ryan Shares Inspiring Story of Team Trainer Saving His Wife’s Life (VIDEO)

Logan Ryan praised team trainer Justin Maher for saving his wife’s life following their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday night.

The New York Giants defensive back talked to reporters during a Zoom call about his pregnant wife, Ashley. He revealed that his wife was suffering from stomach pain and was thinking of sleeping it off. But after Ryan shared the story with Maher, he suggested she went to the hospital.

She ended up going to the hospital and doctors were able to catch an ectopic pregnancy, which is when a fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus and in another location like the fallopian tube. Ashley underwent immediate surgery.

“I talked to one of our trainers about the symptoms. He said, ‘No, she needs to go to the [emergency room],'” said Logan Ryan.

“She ended up going to surgery and they ended up saving her and preventing a lot of what could have been done,” Ryan said Wednesday on a Zoom call with reporters. “That was a trainer on our team, Justin Maher, telling my wife to go to the ER at 1 a.m. It could have saved her life or saved a lot of internal bleeding there.”

“And that is the type of organization we have here. Honestly, I wasn’t going to talk about that. My kids are OK. My wife is recovering well. She is OK. This happened all yesterday,” Ryan said. “And [coach Joe Judge] said, if you need to fly to Florida, don’t worry about football. That’s what Joe is as a man and as a coach.”