Broncos QB Drew Lock Fires Back At Colin Cowherd Criticizing Him Dancing During Games

Over the weekend, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd took to Twitter during the Chargers-Broncos game to criticize Denver quarterback Drew Lock for his play.

“Watching Justin Herbert & Drew Lock on the same field today — can’t give John Elway much confidence going forward,” he said. About an hour later after his tweet, Lock would lead the team to a last second touchdown to win the game.

Even still, Cowherd refused to give Lock any credit. In fact, he just decided to throw more dirt on him for trying to be “cool” and dancing during the game.

“We have a new cool guy. I was right on [Johnny] Manziel, I was right on Baker [Mayfield], I was right on Cam [Newton], I was right on Jameis Winston,” Cowherd said. “Too silly, show-boat, too cool. I was right. It’s 4-for-4. Bring your argument on. Here’s number five. I’m not into Drew Lock. Cool dancing. Win more games, Cub Scout. Win more games.”

On Thursday, Lock responded back to Cowherd:

“Truthfully, I feel like the person — if not other people … might not be able to dance as well,” he told reporters.

During Sunday’s game against the Chargers, Denver trailed 24-3 until Lock helped them back to a 31-30 comeback victory.

The second round pick completed 26-of-41 passes for 248 yards and three touchdowns.