Footage Shows Gun Being Pulled On Trent Richardson At Furniture Store By Owner’s Wife (VIDEO)

A scary scene unfolded last month when Trent Richardson, the former running back for Alabama, had a gun pulled on him during a dispute in a furniture store by the show owner’s wife.

The former NFL running back’s side to the story, as told by his manager Brian Bowers, said that he ordered thousands of dollars of furniture from Furniture Plug in Birmingham. It arrived with tears in a couch, a dresser missing handles, and a cracked bed frame.

Bowers told TMZ that Richardson was getting the “runaround” from the store, and went to confront them in person late last month. Bowers said the furniture store owner challenged Richardson to a fight, but when he declined to do so, the wife pulled a gun and Richardson made his exit.

Furniture Plug’s owner Clint Catlin told TMZ that Richardson was the aggressor: “We were protecting our store. Trent came in aggressive. My wife being her, she was protecting her space … Trent’s a big guy, came in aggressive. He made her pull out the pistol. This is a family business. We were protecting our brand.”

Catlin’s wife, Mariah, told TMZ “I felt Clint’s life, my life and our 7-year-old’s life were threatened.”