NFL Insider Calls Out Hypocritical Tweets About Notre Dame’s Field Storm & Joe Biden Celebrations (TWEET)

Notre Dame’s upset of No. 1 Clemson in double-overtime on Saturday night got just about everybody on edge after the fans jumped down from the stands and stormed the field.

The images of the field rush were pretty troubling:

A lot of people called out the crowd for getting on the field during a pandemic, but it is was one political reporter going viral for being extremely hypocritical about the field rush.

NFL reporter Albert Breer called out the hyprocrisy of it all:

“The real problem I have with this is people arbitrarily deciding when it’s OK to have huge crowds gathering in the pandemic—based wholly on what’s important to them—while our kids are in school part-time and small businesses are suffering,” NFL insider Albert Breer tweeted.

Notre Dame might very well lower attendance or outright ban fans from the next home game as a result.