Ex-Teammate Tells Hilarious Story of Tim Tebow Refusing To Call Play In Huddle Due To Cuss Word (VIDEO)

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Tim Tebow was known for his clean-cut image during his football career, and it even extended to when he was in the huddle during games.

On the latest episode of Bro Bible’s “Endless Hustle Podcast,” former New York Jets center Nick Mangold recalled one moment where the former NFL QB downright refused to say a play that included the word “shit.”

“We had a play that was a ‘Y Oh Shit Screen,’ where the tight end actually fakes like he fell down on a running play, hops up, runs back over, throws back to the tight end and it’s usually wide open,” Mangold explained. “And he comes in – you, know he was the backup quarterback, so he’d run one or two plays each week – and he comes in and, you know, he’s got the script there and everything.

“And he starts reading it, and he goes through the whole formation and gets to the last play: ‘Y, – alright – Screen, you guys know what it is.’ And we’re like, ‘No, Tim, what is it?'”

Mangold says Tebow still refused to say it and the team edned up getting in trouble for taking too long in the huddle.