Brett Favre Thinks Eagles Made Fatal Mistake Choosing Carson Wentz Over Nick Foles (VIDEO)

Carson Wentz is in the midst of one of his worst seasons in the NFL this year, but the Philadelphia Eagles continue to stand by him. If you ask Brett Favre, they should have parted ways with the former first-round pick a few years ago.

In an appearance on ESPN’s “First Take” this week, Favre said he believes the Eagles made the wrong choice sticking with Wentz over Nick Foles.

“I actually thought that they should have kept Nick Foles rather than Carson Wentz just based off of production and where they got to,” Favre said, as transcribed by Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “They won a Super Bowl with Foles. And that was a little bit surprising. They’re obviously banking on his upside. How many more years do you let it linger before you stick with (Wentz) or cut bait? That’s a question they only can answer.”

He then went on to explain what he thinks has gone wrong with Wentz.

“I’m gonna heir on the side of lack of consistency — who are you throwing to — more than anything,” Favre said. “They’ve had to mix players in and out. That being said, other quarterbacks have managed to handle that very well. I get the other side of the argument that you gotta make it work.”

The Eagles were 11-2 with Wentz as their starter before Foles took over in 2017. He was playing at an MVP level before an injury ended his season and Foles took over.

Wentz has thrown 12 interceptions this season, which is the most in the NFL. His passer rating of 73.2 is better than only Sam Darnold’s.

Despite the 3-4-1 record the team has, they still sit atop the NFC East.