Tom Brady Speaks On What Tropical Storm Eta Did To His Property (VIDEO)

Tropical Storm Eta has wreaked havoc down in Florida and didn’t spare anyone in its path, and that includes tom Brady.

In his media session on Thursday, Brady shared with reporters that his Tampa area home was harmed by Eta.

The Bucs quarterback said that his dock broke free and a pair of jet skis floated away, however, it did not go that far from him.

Here is the video:

“The hurricane, that was a trip last night for me,” Brady said.

“I had a dock and it broke, floated away. I had these jet skis on, I saw those things sitting in the middle of the bay and I was going, ‘Wow, that’s pretty surreal’ and I was kinda laughing. ‘Well, you’ll get the jet skis back.'”

“A lot of people are dealing with a lot worst than that, but just waking up and seeing kinda what happened to the yard, it got pretty messed up. Be really nervous if a big one hit!”

“It happened pretty quick, I thought you had time to prepare for these things but apparently you don’t, They’re just kinda on you and then you just gotta deal with it so we pushed the schedule back today.”

“Fortunate everyone made it safe and sound. Good lesson learned for someone who’s been in the northeast for a long time.”

As far as the Jet skis go:

“They got fixed. We dragged ’em back. They were about 300 yards away at someone else’s house and I got a bunch of messages from people that were like, ‘Hey man, are your jet skis…?’ Ya know, they floated down and found their way into someone else’s dock. They got lodged, so I was very lucky.”