Let’s Meet The Ankle Breaking 310-Pound High School QB Who Feels ‘Like Lamar Jackson’ (VIDEO)

Howard Brown is not your typical high school quarterback, and it has little to do with him having an electric arm. The young man plays the position while being 310 pounds.

In his high school football career, he has thrown for over 6,000 yards and 82 touchdowns. He is also a 2-way player that also lines up as a defensive lineman.

Last year, he only threw 17 TDs and only two interceptions and brought Lincoln College Prep to the playoffs, but they were knocked out before they could win a district title.

“If you could hear from any big fella out here, it’s a dream to run the ball,” Brown told USA Today Sports. “I just feel like Lamar Jackson.”

“I’m a dog,” Brown said. “I’m not here to play no games with y’all.”

In April, he committed to the Iowa State Cyclones to play college football, though he will be used as a defensive tackle.

“I feel like the money is at d-line, especially with my body type,” Brown said. “I’m a team player, wherever they need me, that’s where I’m going to be.”