Teddy Bridgewater Dresses Like A Ref, ‘Throws A Flag’ During Press Conference (VIDEO)

Former Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was known for wearing outrageous outfits to the post-game press conference, but he never thought to what Teddy Bridgewater did this week.

The current Panthers QB rocked a black and white striped official’s shirt to his press conference.

“I’m here to throw a flag on any questions I don’t want to answer,” Teddy Bridgewater said.

When pressed for details, Bridgewater said, “I just came back from my other job at Foot Locker.”

The shirt came after the Panthers committed a season-high 12 penalties for 82 yards in Sunday’s 33-31 loss at Kansas City. Penalties also were a big reason the team lost in Week 2 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Bridgewater insisted the timing of his outfit had nothing to do with trying to emphasize how much penalties hurt Carolina. He blew an imaginary whistle and flagged the question:

“The shirt had nothing to do with that, but we understand [penalties] … that’s a part of beating ourselves,” he said. “If we can eliminate those penalties, negative plays … then we’ve got a pretty good team.”