Social Media Roasts Jamal Adams For Saying He Battled Depression With The Jets: ‘They Don’t Want To Win’ (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Jamal Adams forced his way out of New York during the offseason, getting traded by the Jets to the Seattle Seahawks for two first-round picks.

During an appearance on the “All Things Covered” podcast, he spoke out on being a part of the dysfunctional franchise affected his mental health.

“Bro, I fought depression in New York,” he continued. “And I’m man enough to say it. I came home after a tough loss and just sat in my room in the dark — no phone, no TV. (My dad) hated to see me like that. It killed my pops so much … He was calling my agent at the time and saying, ‘Hey man, I don’t like seeing my son like this. I need him out of this situation.’ It took a toll on my life outside of football.”

Adams said the Jets “do not want to win” and this season. He isn’t lying as the team is the only one left in the entire league that has not gotten a single victory yet in 2020.

People on Twitter did not appreciate him using the word depression so lightly and blasted him for it:

Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL, currently tied with the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals atop the NFC West.

Adams has been proven to be a valuable contributor to the Seahawks defense, racking up 5.5 sacks in just five games.