Andy Dalton Suffered Memory Loss After Big Hit, Still Can’t Taste, Smell After COVID-19 Diagnosis

(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

Andy Dalton has been going through quite the hell.

Just as Andy Dalton had taken over as the Dallas Cowboys’ starting quarterback, he took a dirty hit from Washington Football Team linebacker Jon Bostic on Oct. 25 that resulted in a concussion.

On Thursday, Dalton said he lost emory from that hit and headaches would soon follow.

Even though he has been cleared to play football again after contracting coronavirus, he revealed that he still has regained his sense of smell and taste because of the deadly virus.

“You can tell things are sweet,” the 33-year-old said. “You can tell things are salty. You just don’t get the flavor with it.”

“I can eat really healthy right now, and it doesn’t matter because I can’t taste it.”

Dalton told reporters the virus hit him hard the very first day and then his wife and kids ended up coming down with it as well.

Dallas somehow remains in the race for the NFC East as they currently sit at 2-7.