Eagles Fans Start Petition To “Fire Carson Wentz” After Another Terrible Game (TWEET)

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Eagles fans are completely done with Carson Wentz.

The Philadelphia Eagles lost an ugly game on Sunday, and their once franchise QB continued his struggles. The 27-year-old quarterback threw for 235 yards and two touchdowns, but also coughed up two interceptions. One of the passes went for a pick-six that definitely changed the outcome of the game.

It prompted the fan base to start a petition to get Wentz fired.

It reads as:

“Carson Wentz is the worst quarterback in the history of the NFL. I am tired of waking up every football Sunday excited to watch the Birds, in all of my green, and then BAM!! Wentz stomps on my heart and shatters it to pieces.”

“It’s a false hope every Sunday. He wakes up Sunday mornings and the first thing he says to himself is “how much can I disappoint all the eagles fans today”. His yards suck. His sacks are embarrassing. He is embarrassing. Bring back big d*ck Nick!”

Some also called for Jalen Hurts to get playing time.