Aaron Rodgers Responds To Mike McCarthy Smashing Watermelon’s With Dalvin Cook’s Face On It (VIDEO)

Mike McCarthy has been taking some major heat this week after it came out that he smashed watermelons with Dalvin Cook’s face on it to motivate the Dallas Cowboys before their matchup with the Minnesota Vikings.

Shannon Sharpe called the stunt racist during an appearance on the Undisputed.

Aaron Rodgers heard all the hoopla surrounded the watermelon controversy and he responded to it:

“I’m not surprised about the watermelons,” Rodgers said during Tuesday’s episode of ‘The Pat McAfee Show.’ “I think it’s awesome. Mike would mix it up from time to time. He never smashed any watermelons, but he was always switching up the messages from year to year, from week to week. He’d have different guys speak every week, he’d call them generals of the week. So, I’m not surprised by that, I’m sure it was something to see for sure.”