Donovan Mitchell Sparks Heated Debate Over UNO Rules With One Simple Question (TWEETS)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Playing card games with friends and family can be serious business and even start heated arguments if different people have their own set of rules for certain games.

The holiday season is particularly fertile ground for heated debates, as Utah Jazz star Donovan Mitchell found out this week when he took to Twitter to get some clarification on the popular card game UNO.

“Do you have to say ‘Uno out’ when you play your last card in @realUNOgame? Heated debate with the family right now,” Mitchell said.

For those not familiar with the game, a player playing his next-to-last card must call out “UNO” to alert fellow players he or she has just one card left. If a player does not call “UNO”, before the next player in sequence takes a turn, he or she must draw two cards as penalty.

Over 57K people have voted and most agreed that you have to say “Uno Out” when you play your last card in the game.

“While calling ‘UNO Out’ when you play your last card is a popular House Rule, it’s not required. UNO has spoken,” the tweet read.

A battle ensued in the comments: