Joy Taylor Blasts “Loser Incels” Talking Negatively About Sarah Fuller’s Squib Kick (TWEETS)

Vanderbilt women’s soccer player Sarah Fuller made history Saturday as the first woman to play in a Power 5 Conference college football game.

The team had an abysmal game as they could never get into scoring position to see her actually kick a field goal, so the team made a decision at halftime to have her do the kickoff.

Fuller kicked off at the start of the second half of Saturday’s game against Missouri as the crowd cheered.

Her kick was recovered by Missouri at its 35-yard line.

Almost immediately, trolls began to come out and roast her for the kick, not realizing it was designed to be kicked that way, likely keeping her out of harm’s way just in case a return came back for enough for her to have to make a tackle.

Fox Sports host Joy Taylor was not having any disrespect for Fuller on this great day, so she proceeded to call out anybody who had something bad to say about it: