Bruce Arians Responds To Him Using Harsh Criticism Towards Tom Brady Playing Poorly (VIDEO)

Over the past few weeks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians hasn’t hesitated to criticize Tom Brady for his inconsistent play this season.

Brady, who left New England for Tampa Bay this offseason, has the team with a winning record, but has been up and down in terms of his play on the field.

Brady had a couple of more picks in Sunday’s loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, though he finished the game with more than 300 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Following the loss to Kansas City, Arians was asked about his criticism of Brady.

The Buccaneers head coach said that it’s “honesty,” not “criticism.”

“It’s not criticism, it’s honesty,” Arians told CBS reporter Tracy Wolfson.

Brady was asked about the speculation about his relationship with Arians after the game:

“It’s just external noise that when you are losing, that’s what you deal with,” Brady said. “I love playing with the guys that I play with, the coaches, the whole organization has been unbelievable. I think I have to go out and certainly do a better job the last four weeks of the year. So, I appreciate it. Let’s have a good week.”