Nick Young Destroys Gilbert Arenas After He Tried To Inspire Nate Robinson Following Devastating KO (PIC)

Former NBA star Nate Robinson suffered a brutal knockout loss to Jake Paul in the co-headliner of Saturday’s ‘Tyson vs. Jones Jr.’ event.

Nate Robinson (0-1) was making his boxing debut and it showed as he got knocked down in the first round and then knocked out for good in the second round.

Former Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas made an effort to motivate him after the loss, but Nick Young delivered a stinging jab about Arenas never recovering from a psychological ploy by LeBron James.

In the first round of that year’s Eastern Conference playoffs, the Cavaliers led 3-2 in the series but trailed 113-112 in overtime when Arenas went to the free throw line.

James reportedly said to him, “If you miss these, you know who’s going to make it.” He proceeded to miss both shots and the Cavs then won on a clutch shot by Damon Jones.