Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Tyreek Hill Saying He Was A ‘Trash’ QB When He First Saw Him (VIDEO + TWEET)

Tyreek Hill is surely glad he was dead wrong.

Since Patrick Mahomes took over as the Chiefs’ starting quarterback in 2018, Hill has blossomed into one of the NFL’s most explosive receivers.

But Hill wasn’t sold on Mahomes when he first saw him in action. Appearing on Inside the NFL, he admitted that he thought Mahomes was “trash” at their first training camp together.

“I thought he was trash, I ain’t gonna cap,” Hill said. “When he first got there, I was like, ‘This who y’all drafted right here?’”

Patrick Mahomes saw those comments and reacted like so on Twitter:

Hill eventually came around on his new QB:

“That second year, his quarterback mechanics were different,” Hill added. “It was like he was spending more time with his quarterback coach, spending more time with Coach Reid, learning the offense. It was different.”

In the last three seasons, the duo of Hill & Mahomes have combined for 213 connections for 3,360 yards and 32 touchdowns.