Katie Nolan Reacts Negatively To ESPN & Dan Le Batard Parting Ways (TWEET)

Amid escalating tensions over the creative direction of “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz,” ESPN announced on Thursday that Le Batard is leaving the network in January.

ESPN announced the move as a mutual decision in a joint statement:

“It was mutually agreed that it was best for both sides to move on to new opportunities and we worked together closely to make that possible,” Williamson wrote. “We thank Dan for his many years and contributions to ESPN and wish him all the best going forward.”

Katie Nolan, who has been on Highly Questionable countless times over the past few years, tweeted “WELP EVERYTHING OFFICIALLY SUCKS AND IS BAD.”

Le Batard thanked the network for the exposure and opportunity provided for himself, his radio co-host Stugotz and his father (Papi):

“Gracias to ESPN for unleashing Papi and Stugotz upon an unsuspecting America, and for lending its substantive credibility to our careening clown car,” Le Batard wrote. “Can’t believe Stugotz finally achieved his dream of becoming a high-priced free agent.”

The final air date for Le Batard’s radio show and “Highly Questionable” stint will be Jan. 4.