Kirby Smart Comments On How ‘Unnecessary’ It Is To Have A Conversation About Vanderbilt’s Sarah Fuller

On Saturday, the No. 8 Georgia Bulldogs will host the winless Vanderbilt Commodores, with the game being more about Sarah Fuller possibly getting another shot to kick a field goal or kickoff.

Vanderbilt will enter the contest with kick Sarah Fuller on their roster, who became the first woman to ever play in a Power 5 football game last weekend vs. Missouri when she took part in a kickoff in the second half.

During coach Kirby Smart’s Monday press conference, Smart was asked whether or not he is going to have a conversation with his kickoff team on what to do should Fuller find herself in harm’s way.

“Probably not. I’ve never had to have that conversation before. I’m not going to change and have that conversation now,” Smart said. “We don’t account for the kicker in our returns. I don’t think anybody in the country accounts for the kicker. You assume that if you get to the kicker, you did a pretty good job in the return game.

We don’t plan on having a conversation about it. She plays a very physical sport to be honest with you. I’ve seen some pretty brutal collisions without a helmet and without gear on. I’m sure she can take care of herself when it comes to that. That’s not something we’ve really concerned with because we don’t assign anybody to the kicker.”

Vanderbilt interim head coach Todd Fitch said Fuller will be on the roster for the game, and if she is their best option to take kicks, she will do so.

“I didn’t speak with her specifically after last week’s game, but she indicated that she wanted to continue,” Fitch said. “She was there today. Right now, as it stands I don’t see any change in that. She’ll be with us on the trip to Georgia and we’re gonna put the best people out there. If she’s our best option, we’ll continue to work with her and we’ll do the best we can for the team.”

Fuller did not get a shot to kick on a potential scoring play, as Vanderbilt’s offense never got anything going in a 41-0 loss to the Tigers.