Photos Released Showing High School Football Star Escorted Off Field By Cops After Attacking Ref (PICS)

Emmanuel Duron likely ended his football career tonight by showing off his lack of control.

Following a flag for roughing the passer, the Edinburgh defensive star was ejected from the game, but he didn’t appreciate it too much as he had to be held back on the sidelines.

He wasn’t held back enough as he took off towards the ref at full speed and knocked him down to the ground.

“Really really ugly moment here in Edinburg,” McCulloch tweeted. “Idk what happened but Emmanuel Duron was ejected from the game….Moments later, he ran onto the field and body slammed the ref who ejected him…Ref is still down on the turf

“A cart is being brought out to help the ref off the field…This is awful….

“Referee has gotten up and is walking around under his own power…Hard to see Duron, a senior, playing another game for the Bobcats — win or lose — after that incident….Almost set to resume play after a lengthy delay.

Pictures would later show him being escorted out of the stadium by cops, but he was not placed under arrest.

It should be mentioned that Duron is a senior, so his high school football is likely over, and if he had any scholarships, they are probably gone now.