Pittsburgh Steelers Fans Become Enraged With Colin Cowherd & His Latest Outrageous Take (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Pittsburgh Steelers fans are not happy with Colin Cowherd today.

After watching the team go to 11-0 on Wednesday Afternoon Football against the Baltimore Ravens — Cowherd decided to blast Mike Tomlin’s squad on The Herd.

He unleashed a bizarre take stating the team isn’t a Super Bowl contender.

“Pittsburgh Steelers fans, you need to grow up,” Cowherd said. “This is not a Super Bowl team. There it is. Go cry in your terrible towels. You’re 11-0 and it feels hollow. Own it. Pittsburgh is not a Super Bowl team.”

Criticizing the Steelers for having a weak schedule is not a good take, since the team doesn’t make it and can only play who is on it.

The next opponent on Pittsburgh’s schedule is Washington, so it’s safe to say a win over a sub .500 team won’t impress him again.

Here’s how the fan base responded: