Browns Will Move On From Baker Mayfield With Loss To Titans, says Colin Cowherd (VIDEO)

(Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Baker Mayfield is averaging a career-low 191.6 passing yards per game, but his coaches seem to be fine with that, because he isn’t the turning the ball over.

Colin Cowherd spent some time on his show Friday talking about the Browns next matchup against the Tennessee Titans. Cowherd believes Cleveland’s brass will have a conversation about benching Mayfield if the Browns aren’t at least competitive against Tennessee.

“Everybody now loves Tennessee, but they’re a very flawed football team,” Cowherd said. “The flaws work perfectly for Baker. He’ll have time to throw and a running game that works. (The Browns) will make a decision privately on that flight back or somewhere during the week — if Baker gets rolled like he did against Pittsburgh or Baltimore or manhandled defensively like against the Raiders, they’re moving off of him.”

That seems pretty extreme.

Cleveland offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt said he’d rather see Mayfield complete something short and easy than take a chance at a big gain that also has a good chance of getting picked off.

“I would gladly take a five-yard gain over a 20-yard chance of an interception. I think that’s the mindset we have to take,” Van Pelt said, via

The Browns are firmly in the playoff mix, thanks to their 8-3 record this season. It’s hard to believe they would consider benching Mayfield if they drop to 8-4.