Dana White Wants Amanda Nunes To Knock Jake Paul’s “Ass Out” After His Comments On Conor McGregor’s Fiancée

If a reaction is what Jake Paul was going for, he certainly got it from some people in the UFC.

The YouTube star went insanely viral this week after he sent out a video attacking UFC fighter Conor McGregor, McGregor’s wife Dee Devlin and Dana White. Paul has been angling for a boxing match against McGregor after beating former NBA guard Nate Robinson for his second professional win.

“My team sent you a $50 million offer this morning. Fifty million dollars cash, proof of funds. The biggest fight offer you’ve ever been offered, but you’re scared to fight me, Conor,” Paul said.

“You’re ducking me because you don’t want to lose to a f–king YouTuber,” Paul added. “You’re 0-1 as a boxer. I’m 2-0 as a boxer. I just came off the eighth biggest Pay-Per-View event in history. But you want to fight Dustin Poirier, who has less followers on Instagram than my f–king dog. That’s a fact.”

Paul added: “And [UFC president] Dana White, you’re a f–king p–sy too. You ugly, f–king, bald b–ch. You said there’s a zero percent chance of this fight happening, but there’s a zero percent chance of you getting some p–sy. Conor, you’re scared. Dana, you’re scared. Sign the f–king contract you idiots. Jesus f–king Christ. Irish b–ch.”

Dana White has since responded, telling TMZ Sports bluntly, “I’m thinking of letting Amanda Nunes knock his ass out.”

He also stated on Friday: there’s “zero chance” of a fight happening any time soon.

“[Conor McGregor] is one of the greatest fighters on Earth right now. He shouldn’t be fighting kids that have f—king YouTube videos,” White said.

“There will be a day when Conor McGregor could do these types of fights and make a bunch of money” but it won’t be taking place any time soon.