LeBron James Getting Called Out For ‘Dirty’ Play On Friday Night (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Lakers beat the Phoenix Suns, 114-113, on Friday night, but there is one play that had everybody talking on social media.

Early in the game, Suns forward Mikal Bridges suffered a scary fall on a drive to the basket and replay showed that LeBron hit him in the back to cause it.

The Lakers superstar may not have intentionally wanted that to happen, but he is still being called out for it.

“LeBron definitely didn’t mean to take his legs out from under him, but the push to his back in mid air is very dodgy. He knows better than to do that, especially in the preseason,” one fan wrote.

“Imagine if Mikal Bridges do that to Lebron, the world will definitely hate him and lots will call him out. But if LeBron will do (dirty stuff) its just okay because he’s Lebron James,” another fan added.

Mikal would later take to Twitter and to say, “WE GOOD OVER HERE FELLAS,” he tweeted late on Friday night.