Baker Mayfield Hilariously Uses Random TLC Lyrics To Discuss Browns’ Win Over Giants (VIDEO)

Baker Mayfield loves to reference random pop culture quotes and that wasn’t any different on Sunday night.

The Cleveland Browns are 7-3 for the first time since 1994 as Mayfield tossed for 297 yards and two touchdowns as the Browns defeat the Giants 20-6.

His first TLC reference came when asked about Colt McCoy.

“He’s just going to always have whatever team he’s playing for in the game and so we just have to stay in there and realize that as long as we don’t go chasing waterfalls, we’re going to be in the game,” he said, mentioning TLC’s 1994 hit “Waterfalls.”

Mayfield responded to a question about Jarvis Landry by saying, “We don’t want no scrubs. We’ve got some dogs outside. We’ve got some guys that we’re very proud of,” citing the 1999 single, “No Scrubs.”

Mayfield also worked in there 1994 No. 1 hit, “Creep.”

“We’re gonna get knocked back and we’re going to creep, creep back in and overcomes those penalties,” he said.