Tom Brady Dunked All Over Tony Dungy In Response To His Perceived Diss (VIDEO + TWEET)

Tom Brady sees all.

Tony Dungy appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast and was asked by the host why he had Brady ranked as the sixth-most difficult quarterback to defend.

“I’m never putting Tom Brady ahead of Peyton Manning, so the best he could do is two. Peyton is my guy. So who gave me real problems? John Elway. You could do everything right, have the perfect defense. He’s going to move around and make something happen and kill you. He killed me enough, he was difficult. Steve Young was the same way. Those mobile quarterbacks. That’s who I put ahead of Tom. Aaron Rodgers, John Elway, Steve Young, guys who could move.

“Not to say Tom wasn’t great; he is great. But the extra dimension meant something to me. So that’s why I would only put him at six. Just my opinion,” Dungy said.

The Tampa bay Bucs QB saw those comments, and proceeded to roast the former head coach by posting a photo of the banner the Colts hung in their stadium for being the 2014 AFC finalist.

During that year, the Colts were relentlessly mocked for celebrating their 2nd place in the conference. They got clobbered 45-7 by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.