Vanessa Bryant’s Mom Explains Why She Filed Lawsuit Against Daughter: ‘Why Would She Do This To Her Mother?’

(Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

The saga between Vanessa Bryant and her mother Sofia Lane continues to get worse every day.

Laine filed a lawsuit against her daughter last week claiming that Vanessa and her Kobe Bryant promised to take care of Laine financially for the rest of her life. Laine claimed she was a nanny for Vanessa and Kobe and was “forced” to work around the clock for 18 years without receiving proper meals or breaks.

Bryant responded by accusing her mother of extortion. She also claims she offered to provide her mother with monthly support for the rest of her life but the offer “wasn’t good enough.” Vanessa says her mother contacted her through intermediaries and demanded $5 million, a house and a Mercedes SUV.

Laine then issued another response to the extortion allegation that was obtained by TMZ:

“For starters, I would like to state that I do not enjoy airing our family grievances in the public,” Laine said. “Although I filed a lawsuit, I did not make any public comments and was hoping for the court process to run its course without the publicity, as hurtful as it is. I did not want this and do not want this.

“All I wanted is what I worked for. Vanessa, despite everything that I have been promised and done for her and the family, has attempted to sever all ties and renege on all obligations and agreements. Why would she do this to her own mother? I am so disappointed, hurt, and wronged to the point that I had no choice but to file a lawsuit. I am nearly 70 years old, my health is deteriorating, and my own daughter is dong this to me?”

Laine was living with the Bryant family after the death of Kobe and Gigi Bryant, but the two of them had a massive falling out. Laine said Vanessa kicked her out of the house and demanded Laine return a car Vanessa had given her.