Larry Fitzgerald Channels Allen Iverson When Addressing DeAndre Hopkins’ Practice Comments (VIDEO)

DeAndre Hopkins went on a full rant on Wednesday about local complaints in Arizona about his practice schedule. Hopkins took exception to what he said were some local reporters’ criticism regarding the number of practices missed.

“Yeah, man, I’ve heard a lot of a lot of negativity about me not practicing when I first came to Arizona,” he said, via ESPN. “I don’t watch the Arizona local news and channels and the sports station, but my grandfather, he’s an avid listener to everything and every single one. I think, if one of you guys say something bad about me, my grandfather, he’s told me. So, I’ve seen all the blogs and all this stuff, I’m pretty sure some of you guys might have been in there egging it on, but I’m not gonna say any names.

“But, there’s a reason that I play football and they watch. And there’s a reason that people are in positions for a reason. So, I really didn’t listen to it. I don’t listen to it. I listen to my grandfather, and he was saying, ‘Man, Arizona, they really kind of on you right now because you’re not practicing and all the critics in the sports people,’ but, my grandfather knows who I am, also, and he knows how productive I am on that football field. And he knew what I was going through, and the people who are giving me stuff, they don’t know what I was going through or dealing with, and

On Thursday, Arizona Cardinals legend Larry Fitzgerald admitted that if he were at Hopkins’ viral press conference, he would have channeled his inner Allen Iverson.

“I would’ve had to get in there, doing my best A.I. impression, ‘Practice? We’re talkin’ about practice. I lead the league in catches and yards and we’re talkin’ ’bout practice.’

Hopkins has had a very good 2020 season, racking up 103 catches for a league-leading 1,324 yards. In fact, with just seven more catches, Hopkins will break Fitzgerald’s single-season receptions record.