Jake Paul Turns Down Amanda Nunes Fight Because ‘No One Knows Who She Is’ (VIDEO)

Jake Paul will not stop running his mouth until he gets what he wants. The controversial YouTube star’s own brother even called him “dumb” after he went in on former UFC Champion Conor McGregor’s wife.

Jake Paul was recently out and about when he ran into TMZ and got asked about possibly fighting Amanda Nunes. The champion said she’d be down to fight Paul after UFC boss Dana White floated the idea, but the social media star is not taking the bait because she has “shitty engagement” and there’s not enough personal history.

“I wouldn’t fight her. Waste of time. No one knows who she is. She has 1 million followers on Instagram, shitty engagement. There’s not a lot of hype there… Plus there’s no history. I want to knock out Dillon (Danis) because we’ve been talking shit back and forth for two years.

I hooked up with his girlfriend. He’s all butt hurt about it. There’s history there, and Dillon is Conor’s best friend, and I ultimately want Conor.”

Only time will tell if Paul will get his wish of fighting of McGregor or Dillon Danis.