Disturbing Details Emerge From Dwayne Haskins’ Turbulent Time In Washington

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Dwayne Haskins was waived by Washington this week after he violated COVID-19 protocols, got his captain tag stripped, and then played poorly enough to get benched yet again this season.

On the surface, that seems like enough to get rid of him, but there were more things we weren’t privy to until now.

Les Carpenter of the Washington Post published a story on Tuesday that highlighted many of the issues Haskins had during his two seasons with the Washington Football Team.

Per the Washington Post:

“Mostly, though, his Washington tenure was filled with odd incidents such as missing the final snap of his first NFL victory because he was taking selfies with fans, or the photos that emerged last week of him partying maskless, a violation of league coronavirus protocols. There were loads of complaints by frustrated coaches on two staffs who were stunned by his constant late arrivals to meetings, failure to master the playbook and refusal to prepare for games as diligently as NFL quarterbacks must. Several around the organization questioned his ability to lead and repeatedly said poor throws in practice would carry over into games.

What annoyed members of both (former Washington coach Jay) Gruden’s and Rivera’s staffs, people familiar with their thinking say, is that Haskins was not rude or indifferent. They never described a player who was arrogant, despite such suggestions outside team headquarters. Instead, they seemed confused as to why he wouldn’t do the things most quarterbacks do instinctively — arrive early to the team facility, sit for hours in meetings and study opponents deep into the night. He had a sharp mind and grasped plays quickly but had trouble applying them in games. Some of the coaches blamed this on a lack of preparation.”

What makes the entire situation frustrating that it was owner Dan Snyder who was reportedly the major factor in the team taking Haskins, overruling Bruce Allen in part because of Dwayne Haskins, a Maryland native, being a local star.

As we see now, it backfired terribly.