Jeopardy! Star Ken Jennings Forced To Apologize For Old Unearthed Tweets On Twitter (TWEETS)

(Photo by Ben Hider/Getty Images)

“Jeopardy!” champion Ken Jennings is attempting to backtrack on things he said on Twitter over the years after some old tweets were unearthed.

Jennings, who is an interim host of “Jeopardy!” following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek, issued a statement on Twitter on Wednesday addressing any “insensitive” and “unartful” content he has shared in the past.

“Hey, I just wanted to own up to the fact that over the years on Twitter, I’ve definitely tweeted some unartful and insensitive things. Sometimes they worked as jokes in my head and I was dismayed to see how they read on-screen,” Jennings wrote, claiming he did not delete his tweets “just so they could be dunked on” and so he wouldn’t be “whitewashing.” He continued the thread by claiming it “wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone.”

“Sometimes I said dumb things in a dumb way and I want to apologize to people who were (rightfully!) offended,” the tweet read. “It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone, but that doesn’t matter: I screwed up, and I’m truly sorry.”

Here are some of the tweets that have gotten people upset:

Jeopardy! has yet to decide on a new full-time host.