Mike Leach Caught Taking Pictures With Fans As His Team Brawled On The Field (VIDEO)

Mississippi State topped No. 24 Tulsa in the Armed Forces Bowl, but the game has since been overshadowed for what happened afterwars.

Following the Bulldogs’ 28-26 win, punches were thrown, kicks were landed before order was finally restored.

In the midst of that happening, video shows head coach Mike Leach in the stands casually taking photos with pictures.

After the game, victorious head coach Mike Leach was asked to give his thoughts on the game.

“Yeah there was something before the game too. We’ve never had any talk about that the entire season so I can only guess (what led to it) without seeing the film,” Leach said. “But prior to this game we’ve never had any trouble with that.”

When asked what his message to the team was after the game, Leach’s message was short and bittersweet. “Don’t do it anymore,” Leach said bluntly. “It’s just dumb.”