Male Sports Reporter Extremely Upset With Lack of “Breasts and Buttocks” in Today’s Figure Skating

(Photo credit should read NICOLAS DATICHE/AFP via Getty Images)

Vasily Utkin had something on his mind regarding figure skating and he was going to say it whether people liked his take or not.

The Russian sports reporter has heavy complaints towards figure skating coach Eteri Tutberidze, who he blames for turning the sport into being dominated by 15-year-old girls.

Why? Because he truly missed the “breasts and buttocks” that were once in the sport.

Per RT Sport:

“I don’t agree that Tutberidze made figure skating more beautiful,” Utkin said. “She made it more popular, not beautiful.

“Why? Breasts and buttocks completely disappeared. She has only teenagers on her team. I cannot say whether it’s right or not, but if we are talking about beauty…to me, figure skating without breasts and buttocks is less beautiful.”

That is one insane and horny take by this guy!