ESPN Reporter Sal Paolantonio Calls For ‘Forensic Investigation’ On Eagles Tanking In Week 17 (VIDEO)

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Since forever, there have been teams that have done things to try their hardest to not win games and get better draft position to change their franchise’s direction.

Something about the way Philadelphia Eagles went about that process on Sunday Night Football felt different and has ignited some strong opinions.

Sal Paolantonio came into the Dan Patrick Show and called on Roger Goodell to investigate the Eagles.

“If I’m the NFL, if I’m Roger Goodell, I’m putting on my Kenesaw Mountain Landis pants on right now and I’m doing a forensic investigation of what went down,” Paolantonio told Dan Patrick on Monday.

If the Eagles had won their Week 17 game, the team would’ve chosen 9th in the 2021 Draft. Because they lost, they will now select 6th in the draft.