JJ Watt Appears To Give His Final Goodbye After Playing In What Might Be His Last Game With Texans (VIDEO)

Once the excitement of Sunday’s nail biter ended, the reality set in that JJ Watt may never play for the Houston Texans again.

Watt had just three tackles on the day, but he still led the team with two tackles for loss. The 31-year-old, who played in all 16 games, has no more guarantees on his contract. It’s possible the Texans could trade, release, or restructure Watt’s contract for 2021.

Following the Week 17 loss to the Titans — Watt appeared to give a final sendoff message in what might’ve been his final game for the franchise.

“I’ve certainly considered it,” Watt said when asked if he’d considered whether this was his final game as a Texan. “Like I’ve said, there’s too many unknowns to really know. But if it is, it’s unfortunate that it wasn’t in front of a full stadium and all of the fans. It’s unfortunate it wasn’t a win. It’s unfortunate it’s in this type of a season. …

“I think this city knows. I hope they know how I feel about them, how thankful I am. I’ve tried to do everything I possibly can and give everything I possibly have.”

Beyond his play on the field, Watt will be best known for lifting the city of Houston’s spirit by raising over $37 million after it was ravaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. That ultimately led to 1,100 homes being rebuilt, childcare centers being restored and food being provided for those most deeply impacted.