Cardale Jones Barks Back At Nick Saban’s Daughter Calling “BS” On Ohio State’s COVID Cases (TWEET)

Kristen Saban should’ve probably looked deeper into history before making her comments today.

Kristen Saban Setas posted a reaction to the potential postponement Alabama’s national title game showdown with Ohio State because of COVID-19 issues with the Buckeyes.

“If you’re not confident to play then SAY IT. I call BS on the COVID cases. They’re just worried about their QB and want him to have more time to heal. If he’s hurt put in your backup. You didn’t see us postpone the rest of the season to wait for Waddle. BYE.” Saban Setas wrote.

Cardale Jones had the best response when he asked whether she really wanted Alabama to face another Ohio State backup quarterback.

It was back in 2014 when Cardale took over as Ohio State’s quarterback after JT Barrett got injured against Michigan. Jones led Ohio State to three straight wins: over Wisconsin in the conference championship game; over Alabama in the Sugar Bowl, which was a College Football Playoff semifinal game; and over Oregon in the national championship game.