Herschel Walker’s Son Calls Out Jemele Hill For Making A Living ‘Pretending To Be Oppressed’ (TWEETS)

Usually when Christian Walker goes viral on Twitter, it is never for something good.

On Tuesday, the son of former NFL legend Herschel Walker took to Twitter and suggested a bucket of Popeyes friend chicken should be thrown at female politician Stacey Abrams.

“Someone throw Stacey Abrams a bucket of Popeyes fried chicken to distract her so we can get an HONEST vote count.”

“Maybe if we give Stacey Abrams a couple of fast food gift cards she’ll give us a FAIR ELECTION. SCREW HER.”

Among the many people to call him out was Jemele Hill:

Walker fired back by stating that he doesn’t make a living by pretending he is oppressed like Hill:

As we seen played out on Wednesday, supporters of Donald Trump rioted on the US Capitol in response to Congress verifying that Joe Biden would be the next President.