Draymond Green Eviscerated D.C. Rioters After Game: ‘They’re F–king Terrorists’ (VIDEO)

Draymond Green did not mince any words when asked about what happened in Washington D.C. on Wednesday.

Green was particularly struck by how the mob was treated in the media in comparison to social justice protesters back in 2020.

“Storming into a building and busting out windows and carrying podiums and all that other stuff, that’s not a protest, that’s a terrorist attack,” he said. “Stop describing those people the same way you describe someone who just stand there and make a chant and say, ‘We want justice, we want peace.’”

“Stop using the same word,” he continued. “It’s disrespectful, it’s ridiculous and it’s shameful to keep calling them protesters. They’re not [expletive] protesters, they are [expletive] terrorists.”

“It just goes to show the policing system was built against Black people — Black and brown people,” Green said. “And that’s the reason those reactions are different.”

“That’s the reason someone can walk or run or bust their way through or whatever into the Speaker of the House’s office and put their feet on the desk like they’re sitting at home on her couch and nothing happens.”