Rockets Hall of Fame Legend Calvin Murphy Caught Dissing James Harden On Hot Mic After Game (VIDEO)

Calvin Murphy unintentionally told everyone how he really felt after Houston’s 114-107 loss to Indiana on Wednesday night.

The Houston Rockets hall of famer turned analyst offered some harsh criticism of Rockets star James Harden, who had 15 points (5-of-14 shooting), 12 assists and four rebounds against the Pacers.

Murphy noted that Harden did make up for a poor scoring night with his playmaking, but as the show was headed to commercial, he could be heard, “He quit.”

Harden is averaging 29.4 points through five games this season, which is shockingly below what he usually puts up. He only scored 4 points in the fourth quarter as the Houston Rockets dropped to 2-4 on the year.

It would be easy to look at the record and think the ship is sinking in Houston, but taking one look at the standings in the Western Conference, you will notice only 3 teams with a record above .500.