Former Viking Everson Griffen Rips Kirk Cousins On Twitter, Then Deletes It And Apologizes (TWEETS)

Reports out of Minnesota are that former Vikings pass rusher Everson Griffen is hoping to return to Minny next season after playing for the Cowboys and Lions in 2020.

Not only has he been liking tweets and reposting requests on Instagram for him to rejoin the Vikings, but he’s also been training near the Minnesota facilities, in hopes of a return.

Well, if he wants that comeback to happen, Griffen certainly isn’t helping his cause with his latest Twitter activity.

For no apparent reason, the 33-year-old defensive end took to twitter today and randomly started trashing Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. He even threw head coach Mike Zimmer under the bus, claiming that Zimmer never wanted Cousins in the first place.

Not surprisingly, the tweets were deleted shortly after being posted.

Griffen also posted this apology to his Twitter account:

My guess is someone (maybe his agent) told him that trashing a team’s starting quarterback on social media is probably not a good way to get that team to sign you.

It’s just too bad he didn’t have that valuable information before hitting the “Tweet” button.