RUMOR: Insane Deshaun-Watson-to-Patriots Trade is Being Discussed

Let’s get one thing clear, the Houston Texans do not want to trade Deshaun Watson, but they may not have a choice if their young QB wants out.

There have been some pretty crazy trade packages out on social media this week, but the Providence Journal’s Eric Rueb might have come with the most insane hypothetical concept of them all.

According to Rueb, the Patriots should not only go after Watson, but also offer the Texans to take head coach Bill Belichick as a part of the deal.

“Should the Patriots do it? Yes. The answer is yes. In fact, you can make a case that every NFL team other than Kansas City, Buffalo, and Baltimore should do whatever possible to try and acquire Watson, who will be 26 years old at the start of next season. So how does trading for a starting QB not even at their prime happen?

It would start with draft capital. Like an absurd amount. We’re talking multiple first- and second-round picks over the next few years, the kind of picks where Houston could get Vontae Mack and Ray Jennings and have more than enough to rebuild the franchise the next few years.

That’s a problem for New England because a) it doesn’t have that type of capital, and b)Belichick loves draft capital more than he loves talking lacrosse or left-footed punters. It seems unlikely that he would be willing to mortgage everything for one player, even if that one player is DeShaun Watson. So what if Bob Kraft solved that issue by trading Belichick?”

Rueb went on to say how Robert Kraft is “fed up” with Belichick and still upset with him about the way Tom Brady left.

“Sounds crazy? Well, let’s start with the premise that, for once, all the talk radio conspiracy theorists are right — Kraft is fed up with the NFL’s greatest coach of all time after how the Brady breakup went down and he wants to reboot the organization. While it sounds blasphemous, it sort of makes sense. Kraft’s traded for a head coach, why not trade one away?

As the in-house fighting between Brady and Belichick was being reported, plenty tried to guess what the Patriots could theoretically get if they kept the QB and traded away the HC. That was a few years ago. Any trade value Belichick has now is only going to drop as he gets older. He’s going to be 69 next season and that leaves him what? Five or six seasons left on the sidelines at most?”

Sounds crazy, but then you remmeber the Patriots traded with the New York Jets to get Belichick.

Again, this is all hypothetical and highly unlikely to happen.