Social Media Blasts NFL Refs After Terrible No-Fumble Call Late In Wild Card Game Vs. Colts (VIDEO + TWEETS)

The Buffalo Bills were able to hang on for their first playoff win in a quarter century, but they didn’t make things easy on themselves…

And the refs certainly didn’t make things easy on them either.

Late in the game, with Colts in need of a field-goal to tie it, Zach Pascal caught a ball just over midfield, slid down, then got back up and was stripped of the ball. The Bills recovered, and it looked like the game was over…

But the officials had ruled that Pascal was down on the play.

Thankfully, the the officials decided to take a look at the play, and upon further review, it looked like the ruling on the field was about to be overturned:

But not so fast…

The call was upheld and the Colts retained possession, sending Twitter into a frenzy:

Even former NFL Vice President of officiating Mike Periera couldn’t believe the call:

Luckily, it was all a moot point, as the Bills escaped with the 27-24 victory.