Miami Dolphins Fans Go Nuts Over Intense Deshaun Watson Trade Talk (TWEETS)

Free agency doesn’t start until March and trades can’t be made until that time, but that won’t stop some crazy scenarios from popping up until then.

There are rumors and speculation that Deshaun Watson is very unhappy with the Houston Texans and how the owner promised to consult with him in the GM process, only to not do that and hire former Patriots executive Nick Caserio.

He has not formally asked for a trade, but if he did, where would he end up?

There appears to be one really ideal landing spot – Miami.

The Dolphins have the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft thanks to Houston.

“So what if the Dolphins were to flip that No. 3 pick back to Houston along with Tagovailoa in exchange for Watson? The Texans would get past that headache, save a bunch of money, still have a young potential franchise quarterback and have the ability to replace DeAndre Hopkins or rebuild the defense with somebody like Ja’Marr Chase or Micah Parsons in the draft,” Bleacher Report writes.

The Houston Texans will likely hold on to Watson, who just recently signed a massive extension back in September.