Baker Mayfield’s Wife, Emily, Rips Colin Cowherd After Browns Playoff Win (TWEET)

If you come for Baker Mayfield, you will have to deal with his wife.

Colin Cowherd, one of his biggest critics, went on a rant earlier in the week when Mayfield showed up to one of his press conferences with a backward hat, saying it “just says playoff loss.”

“Interesting, wearing his hat backwards,” Cowherd said on his show. “Of course, backwards hat, guy that does it never gets it. Those who don’t get it don’t get they don’t get it. It’s not quarterbackial.”

“I know, it’s no big deal, says the guy who wears the hat backwards. Look at that. That just says playoff loss, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that just say down 12, sack, fumble, minute-and-a-half to play? It doesn’t say playoff winner to me. It says things are unraveling in Pittsburgh this weekend.”

Mayfield passed for three touchdowns and 263 yards in the huge win over the Steelers on Sunday.

Cowherd did try to extend an olive branch of sorts to Mayfield pregame, but his wife made sure to break that branch after the game.