Jared Goff Calls Out Jamal Adams Smoking His Cigar After Week 16 & Got His Revenge With Playoff Win (VIDEO)

Jamal Adams was excited to win the NFC West. Years of playing with the New York Jets will do that to you.

When the Seattle Seahawks beat the Los Angeles Rams in Week 16 to win the division, Adams took in the moment by lighting a cigar at the podium for his postgame news conference.

Well, that moment was not forgotten by Jared Goff and the Rams, so they used it as motivation.

Goff brought it up after his team got revenge by beating Seattle 30-20 in a wild-card playoff game.

“Two weeks ago you saw them smoking cigars and getting all excited about beating us and winning the division and we’re able to come up here and beat them in their own place,” Goff said, per ESPN. “It feels good.”

Goff didn’t have a great game, but did just enough to get his team the victory.