Chad Johnson Yells At Brandon Marshall Over Never Being Injured During Career Because He Ate McDonalds Everyday (VIDEO)

Chad Johnson loves McDonalds a lot more than the average person. He literally tweets about getting it or being on the way to get it on Twitter every single day.

On a recent appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, the former NFL wide receiver got into a profane argument with fellow ex-WR Brandon Marshall over him never being injured in his career, because he ate McDonalds instead of eating healthy foods.

Chad Johnson: I never got hurt because I ate McDonald’s and it built a callus in my body…You ate all that healthy shit and when someone banged you’re body it couldn’t take it.

Brandon Marshall: Bro, you’re crazy. You’re lucky.

Chad Johnson: People at home if you see this, eat whatever the fuck you want to eat, the body has to build up a callus, you eat all this healthy stuff and sterilize everything, when shit happens to you, you’re immune system can’t fight shit off, you’re body can’t react to shit. Just live, man. All this fucking science is what’s killing everybody.

That argument also led to talk of Johnson not being a believer in climate change: