Sammy Watkins Trash Talks Cleveland Browns Ahead of Playoff Matchup (TWEET)

We understand that there is a huge difference between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs, but you never want to poke the bear. The Browns just showed the world what they can do when that happens.

Sammy Watkins did not learn anything from JuJu Smith-Schuster when it comes to talking smack about the Cleveland Browns before a playoff matchup.

Watkins initially weighed in on the Browns thumping of the Steelers in the Wild Card matchup on Sunday.

“This is a video game [what the hell] is going on this is weird I’m speechless pretty sure the whole world is shocked [because] I never seen anything like this in my life. Not in the NFL.”

In the comments, a fan wrote that it looks like the Chiefs will have some competition next week, to which Watkins responded: “I wouldn’t go that far lol!”

Kansas City is an early double-digit favorite for the matchup with the Browns, but fans were quick to point out what happens when you get a motivated Browns team.