Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin Campaign For 49ers To Trade For Deshaun Watson, Thinks Super Bowl Run Would Happen Every Year

Over the weekend, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported star quarterback Deshaun Watson is unhappy with the Houston Texans organization and may actually push for a trade if things don’t get better.

49ers legend Jerry Rice made it clear the team should jump at the opportunity to add Watson to the fold. “Yes, I think they should [trade for Watson],” Rice told 95.7 The Game’s “The Morning Roast.” ”

Here’s more via NBC Sports:

“You know, you got to look at all your options. You look at Deshaun Watson and there is rumors that he might go to Miami, he might go to the Patriots and the 49ers. I think they have to look at that because the thing about Jimmy G — I think Jimmy G is a good quarterback but the thing is that he can’t stay healthy. Now, I don’t know the cause of that or what that entails…

Everything starts with the quarterback. If the quarterback can’t stay healthy then we have problems. If Deshaun Watson is out there and he’s unhappy in Houston then I think we have to take that under consideration.”

Jerry Rice wasn’t the only Hall of Fame wide receiver to weigh in on the possibility of Deshaun Watson playing for the 49ers.

Michael Irvin joined 95.7 The Game in San Francisco and talked about the impact Watson would have in San Francisco.

“If you can get an elite talent at that position, forget getting to a Super Bowl, you’re talking about being able to go to the Super Bowls each and every year,” Irvin said Monday night on 95.7 The Game’s “Damon, Ratto & Kolsky” show. “And Deshaun Watson is certainly that super talent that we were just talking about.

“If you can get him and put him with that in San Fran, holy smoley moley, it’s off the chain.”

Irvin believes Watson is worth sending a large package to Houston in exchange for the QB.

“I’m willing to give up the draft picks and [Jimmy] Garoppolo,” Irvin said. “You can take Garoppolo, you can take the draft picks. I’d give up two first-round picks and Garoppolo. And with Deshaun wanting to leave, I don’t know why that wouldn’t get it done. You get a good serviceable quarterback and you have two first-round draft picks coming.

“I’m willing to make that trade.”

Irvin believes Watson is the answer for San Francisco.