Jackie MacMullan Under Fire For Saying NBA Players Are An NBA Owner’s ‘Property’ Because They Pay Them Millions (VIDEO + TWEETS)

Jackie MacMullan will likely have to answer for her comments about Kyrie Irving and NBA players this week.

For the past week, the Brooklyn Nets star has been completely MIA because he was upset over “everything that is going in this country’ following the US Capitol riot.

While speaking on the situation on Ryen Russillo’s podcast, MacMullan relayed a story how she got into an argument with Irving years ago about the NBA draft. Kyrie told her that players should be able to go to any team that would like to because “we’re not someone’s property.”

MacMullan fired back and said, “yeah, you are dude that’s the way it works, that’s why you get paid millions of dollars.”

As expected, social media ripped her a new one: